Friday, December 8, 2006

Bannister's Banter, with Dr. Hugh Mann

This is an episode of the one and only Bannister's Banter talk show, with Dr. Hugh Mann, the World's Leading Drug-Tester, as the featured guest. It is presented here, with permission, for all you poor souls who live outside of Fairfax county, and therefore cannot view Bannister's Banter on the local cable access channel. And if you recognize some resemblance in the looks between myself (John) and Dr. Mann, that's because we're very closely related... on both my mother's and father's sides of the family.

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Friday, December 1, 2006

John TV, Once Upon A Time

Such as it is, here's the World Premiere episode of John TV, wherein I explain that time-travel is real, and let you in on the secrets of how you can send yourself forward or backward in time:

Debut of John TV: December 1, 2006

Welcome to Microcasting!

What is Micro-casting? Well, broadcasting is sending a TV signal over the airwaves, cable-casting is sending TV over a wire, multi-casting is sending TV over the Internet to large numbers of users, and narrow-casting is sending TV over the Internet to small groups of people. Micro-casting is sending TV to individuals.

What's the difference between microcasting and a bad TV show with a really small audience? Microcasting is semi-interactive and can address individual people by name. So it's a bad TV show with a really small audience of friends rather than strangers. Although some friends are pretty strange, and some strangers are pretty friendly, so everyone's welcome after all.

Bored of Advisors?

You won't get bored with The Board of John TV...