Friday, December 1, 2006

John TV, Once Upon A Time

Such as it is, here's the World Premiere episode of John TV, wherein I explain that time-travel is real, and let you in on the secrets of how you can send yourself forward or backward in time:

Debut of John TV: December 1, 2006


ann said...

Okay, John tv is pretty cool, but I really have to send you a better picture. Are you going to tell the story involving The Coosa Follies and a certain trumpet player? Just remember your mom said we could! me

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I "commented" on the wrong post. Where is the promised story? I am waiting, but not patiently. me

John said...

Sorry, Ann, no promises about maintaining any schedule. It's only one of several hobbies, and digitizing photos has been taking precedence, because I have a lot of old photos that are beginning to become corroded. And did you notice I've posted a new picture from our Coosa days with you in it?

In addition, I ran into a camera memory problem. However, I expect to be able to post a new episode this weekend.

If you see this comment before I get the next episode posted, you may enjoy the post featuring Dr. Mann on the Bannister's Banter show in the meantime.